Festa do Cavalos

Starting from the 2nd weekend till the 3rd weekend in November, there is a famous horse fair in the beautiful city of Golegã. Horse buyers and enthusiasts from all over Europe come to Golegaã.

Festas dos Tabuleiro

The spectacular events, Festas dos Tabuleiro, take place every four years in July in Tomar. The next one will be in 2019 and is worth visiting. The events are held in honour of the Holy Spirit (Espírito Santo).

Village Fair

From Easter till early October, there is always a village fair on weekends, with folklore, music bands, dancing and chicken dinner on the church square.

Congresso da Sopa

On the first Saturday in May, there is a Soup fair in Tomar: Congresso da Sopa. The entrance fee is about 8 euros, soup and wine included!