Nazare: 72 km from Quinta da Cotovia

Nazaré beach with its mild climate and large scenic beauty possesses one of the oldest fishing traditions of Portugal.

With its magnificent light, are sympathetic, welcoming residents, pleasant Sun and fine white beaches, which extend up to the promontory, Nazaré is ideal for the sea. One of the calling cards of Nazaré are the seven brightly colored skirts that the women here used to be carried when they are on the beach on their men waited for the sea fishing came back. Today it is the waves that attract surfers and bodyboarders, as well as divers who come here for the beautiful underwater world.

The beautiful Bay is protected by the high promontory, where on its top the Sítio da Nazaré.

You can come up with a lift and once at the top you can enjoy a beautiful view over the beach.

At the Belvedere Miradouro do Suberco lose your look in the magnificent panorama over the sea, the beach and the houses. Here legends and religion together in the worship of Nossa Senhora da Nazaré.

Nazaré one discovers the best by a walk through the narrow alleys, which skewed to the beach end and in its restaurants, with the delicious smells of fresh seafood, grilled fish or the tasty caldeirada (fish stew). At nightfall, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset on a terrace of a café. Then go to the street lamps and begins the cheerful and festive evening and night life of Nazaré.

Sítio da Nazaré

Praia da Nazare

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Nazare